Thursday, 17. January 2008

last copies - for real

because of some unforeseen events, i will have 60 additional copies for sale next week.

so i have opened the paypal links on the order page again:

so... fire away if you still need a copy.

and for the people who are still waiting for their books: it seems like surface copies to the US take about 6 weeks. If yours went out with the first batch on Nov 26 (all pre-ordered copies) you should receive it any day now; any orders after that will take about 2 weeks more.

Wednesday, 9. January 2008

last orders

I have temporarily suspended the Paypal links on the order site because supplies of the book are now critically low.

It is in fact sold out, there are just 1 or 2 pending wholesale orders that might still be cancelled, so I might have very few copies left for sale again.

Other than that, it's over...

Since there are at least 40-50 people on the waiting list I am in talks with my printer to do an "emergency run" of 100 additional copies. But actually I doubt it will happen, the setup cost etc. will be too high for just 100.

Anyway, if you want one and haven't got one yet, drop me a line and I will keep you posted.

Monday, 24. December 2007

merry xmas

merry christmas and a happy new year, everyone!
even if you don't celebrate i guess you won't complain about a few days off.
i'm still packing books every day, but it's slowly coming to an end... i have about 50 copies left now and i doubt they will last long into 2008.
anyway, hope you can enjoy some relaxed days, see you all next year!

Thursday, 6. December 2007

Google Problems - solved

OK, email account and the order page are back online again... they reactivated my account. Apparently they mistook me for a spammer...
Lesson learned: Always back up your online account to a local harddrive.

Monday, 26. November 2007

first batch sent

ok, first batch left my house today...

since i had to send hundreds of packages i had most of them picked up. the mailman was going crazy because it took him more than 2 hours to scan them all with this new fancy windows-mobile-based device that German Mail introduced a few weeks ago... it's slow, it sucks, and just slows down the delivery/pickup guys instead of helping them.

anyway, you should be receiving your book soon. i have sent out confirmation mails to the people who ordered individually, so if you haven't received one while you think you should have, please contact me.

more infos soon, meanwhile, check out this hilarious prank call:

i will watch Dexter now...

Saturday, 24. November 2007


ladies and gentlemen, Flex Book #3 is now officially out!

received the first batch from the printer, and have been busy packing them all weekend...

all individual copies will be shipped on monday, and once i've worked through the piles of paper i will send confirmation mails to the people who ordered... expect them tue/wed.

the hell edition is now completely SOLD OUT.
the first batch of regular books is also sold out, i couldn't even fill all distro orders.

the second and final batch will arrive in a few days, and that one is half gone already.
if you want a copy (or copies for your distro) and haven't ordered yet you really should not wait much longer.

Monday, 19. November 2007

Some Hiccups

The printer called me this morning - they had printed all books but then found out they had used the wrong paper for the covers. Duh.

So now they will reprint the covers with the right paper which means there will be some delay.

I hoped to get the books on Wednesday; well, that won't happen now but they promised me Friday afternoon. I will have the weekend for packing and then start sending out books on Monday.

Let's hope it goes as planned this time...

If you ordered & paid and didn't hear from me, don't worry... I just couldn't keep up with all these mails.
I will send out confirmation emails when I have sent the books, so you know they're on the way & when to expect them.

People keep asking me how many books are left; about 60% are gone already so don't wait too long.
Again, order page is here:

Sunday, 11. November 2007

Just wasting some time until the books return from the printer...

Somehow my book ended up on the pages of, a website dedicated to showcasing the uber-hip design stuff and such, apparently one of my readers registered my book and it already has a couple of votes...

If you want to have a look and maybe vote, too, go here to register:
and then go here:
to see the page for FLEX.
You can vote by clicking on the little heart on the left side.

Let's bring FLEX to their front page, haha...


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Any updates in the meantime?
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last copies - for real
because of some unforeseen events, i will have 60 additional...
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last orders
I have temporarily suspended the Paypal links on the...
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